26 July 2014

Brother G and the Trouble latest recordings

we used to be called World of Surprises its now Brother G and the Trouble
and here is our latest material... enjoy!

30 September 2012

Howls of Treason

The First Films put together using mobile phone footage taken on journeys too and fro work. The text is from a Suite of Five Written Works taken from Postcards from a Floating World as are the B/W Stills within films.

15 August 2012

07 November 2011

World Of Surprises - Live Sounds

Recorded at The Park ( Fun at the Park ) Crystal Palace November 2011

Live set at The Park 1-11-11 by World of Surprises

07 September 2011


I'm looking to gain some spots as a DJ at Establishments in London...
have a listen, these are my first recorded mix's using some Vintage Decks...

Thank you