22 May 2018

Whats been going on Since the last post in 2014

NOW PUBLISHED with an actual Publisher...

London Poetry Books / William Cornelius Harris Publishing have published my second book. A 52 page collection called And Then It Comes Blowing including photographs
as well as 29 poems in September 2017. It will be relaunched in July 2018. 

Jason Why with a group of others co-ordinate the publishing of poets books as well as the running of a performance poetry evening called Paper Tiger Poetry at Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall every last Friday of the month.

The relaunch of And Then It Comes Blowing is happening on Friday 27 July 2018
Here is a video of one of the poems from the book called Who's Paradise Walk Is It?


26 July 2014

Brother G and the Trouble latest recordings

we used to be called World of Surprises its now Brother G and the Trouble
and here is our latest material... enjoy!

30 September 2012

Howls of Treason

The First Films put together using mobile phone footage taken on journeys too and fro work. The text is from a Suite of Five Written Works taken from Postcards from a Floating World as are the B/W Stills within films.

15 August 2012

07 November 2011

World Of Surprises - Live Sounds

Recorded at The Park ( Fun at the Park ) Crystal Palace November 2011

Live set at The Park 1-11-11 by World of Surprises